Hamdouk meets journalists


Hamdouk meets journalists

Prime Minister, Dr. Abdulla Hamdouk met, Thursday evening, a number of journalists and the newspapers editors in the context of a series of regular meetings with media men, journalists, bloggers and information public opinion leaders.

At the outset of the meeting, Dr. Hamdouk said such kind of meetings will be the starting point of a number of meetings and dialogues with the press as it considered the the fourth authority, which plays the role of monitoring and evaluating the government’s work and also, it considered a window for the Sudanese people to have the correct information in order to avoid speculation and misinformation, putting into consideration, the COVID-19 precautionary measures which affect these invitations.

He briefed the journalists on the present and future projects of the government including peace talks, partnership, the challenges facing the completion of the structures of the Transitional Authority, economy and justice.

The Prime Minister explained the reasons behind the request for International mission in the country, affirming that the country’s top priority is the establishment of good foreign policy, especially, with the African and Arab neighboring countries.

“The government is well aware capable of dealing with the challenges facing the partnership” He said.