Hamdouk Discusses with SCP Achievement of Transitional Period Goals


Hamdouk Discusses with SCP Achievement of Transitional Period Goals

The Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdouck, received a delegation from the Sudanese Congress Party, in the framework of a series of meetings he initiated for consultation with the Forces of Freedom and Change about the transitional period and how to move towards achieving its goals.

The delegation led by the party's leader, Eng. Omer Al-Degair, the party’s Deputy Chairman, Mastoor Ahmed Mohamed, Eng. Khalid Omer Youssif, the party’s Secretary-General, Mawahib Majzoub, the Deputy Political Secretary, Samia Ali Hamza, the Secretary of the Secretariat for Gender Policy, and Ibrahim Al Shiekh Abdul Rahman, member of the party’s Political Office.

The meeting reviewed a number of issues, including the issue of peace, economy and partnership, the completion of transitional power structures, the strengthening of the Alliance of Freedom and Change Forces, and the issue of justice as a central issue in achieving the desired change.

On his part, PM Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk, congratulated the Sudanese Congress Party’s delegation on Eid Al-Fitr, thanking them on the efforts they exert, lauding the party’s great role in the change process, commending, in the same time the party’s qualitative intellectual product it continued to provide the transitional authority, at the level of laws, legislations, and the planning for facing the challenges.