Cabinet Reviews Efforts to Combat Corona Pandemic


Cabinet Reviews Efforts to Combat Corona Pandemic

The Council of Ministers held its regular meeting this morning headed by Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk.

The council discussed a report on the security situation in the country presented by the Minister of Interior, Lieutenant General Al-Tarifi Idris, who reviewed the criminal situation in the country, noting to the most outstanding incidents in the states of South Darfur, South Kordufan, Kassala, Khartoum, and the measures taken.

The report also pointed to the circumstances of the death of, Sharif Ahmed Omar Badr as well some protests took place as result of the shortage of water, gas and fuel services.

The Minister of Culture and Information, the government’s spokesman, Faisal Mohamed Salih, noted in press statements that the cabinet discussed the implementation of the lockdown measures, indicating that the citizens were not committed to the closure, saying that the council has asserted the strengthening of the police’s role in implementing the ban measures and taking legal measures.

The Council of Ministers has reviewed the efforts of the state of Khartoum for the maintenance of wells in the affected areas with water shortage, while, the government’s spokesman indicated the cabinet stress on the importance of enlightenment and raising awareness of the dangers that result from not adhering to the lockdown imposed by the state to ward off the effects of the corona pandemic.

He noted that the cabinet had heard to a statement about the developments of the corona pandemic in the country presented by the Minister of Health Dr. Akram Ali Al- Tom, who pointed out that the citizens did not adhere to the lockdown, and the out of control of the movement’s licenses, and poor coordination a matter that led to the increase of cases number, which reached (2700) cases, while the death rate was the lowest in the world (4%).

The Federal Health Minister has called on the cabinet to issue decision for the stop movement outside the capital, and close the localities in which cases of infection appear due to the importance to contain the spread of the pandemic.

He also pointed to the continued arrive of aids, protective clothing, and its distribution to the states.

The government spokesman pointed to the cabinet discussion to the necessity of the obligation of wearing of masks by the citizens, indicating the cabinet’s satisfaction with return of work of health centers, and the opening hospitals to receive the other cases of patients, and the treatment of the conditions of citizens stranded abroad with the importance of taking measures consistent with international conventions.