Dr. Hamdouk: Unprecedented Wheat Production this Season


Dr. Hamdouk: Unprecedented Wheat Production this Season

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk, chaired today the meeting of the Supreme National Committee for the success of the upcoming summer agricultural season.

He stressed on the importance of role of the agricultural sector in achieving economic development in the country, with the distinguished agricultural potential for achieving food security at the local and regional levels.

He pointed out during the meeting to the unprecedented production of wheat during the winter season, stressing that was a result of the concerted official and popular efforts in the country.

The Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources Issa Osman Sharif said in a press statement that the meeting reviewed most of the challenges facing the agricultural sector in general, and the arrangements made for the success of the coming summer agricultural season in particular.

The Minister of Agriculture congratulated the Sudanese people on the success of the previous winter season and the great productivity achieved, stressing that agriculture represents the backbone of the Sudanese economy and the starting point for all other economi  sectors, indicating that the Ministry is making efforts in the process of agricultural extension and technology transfer as well as organizing farmers in agricultural cooperation societies in order to tighten coordination between all bodies related to the agricultural operations.

The Minister praised the initiative presented by the Agricultural Engineers' Association, which called for the unification of official and popular efforts for the development of the country's agricultural sector.

The meeting concluded with the formation of a number of committees that are concerned with the overcoming the difficulties and challenges facing the agricultural sector in the country