Cabinet Hears to Statement on Total Lockdown in Khartoum State


Cabinet Hears to Statement on Total Lockdown in Khartoum State

The Council of Ministers held today its regular meeting chaired by Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk

The Information and Culture Minister, the government spokesman, Faisal Mohamed Salih, noted that the Council of Minister heard to a briefing on the total lockdown of Khartoum state, and reviewed efforts of the ministries of Finance and Economic Planning, Industry and Trade, and the Ministry of Labor and Social Development for providing the citizen's needs of consumer goods, bread and gas, and readiness of the government to provide support funds and coordination for activation of the long-term payment for these goods

He indicated that the council has reviewed progress of plan for the distribution of the commodities for the targeted sectors, giving directives for removing obstacles hindering its implementation

Faisal said that the council discussed the challenges faced the implementation of the total lockdown in Khartoum state, which were represented in the lack of commitment of some citizens to the measures taken including the withdrawal of licenses from the car owners who violate the lockdown, adding that the council reviewed difficulties facing the control and the adhere of citizens to the total lockdown such as the shortage in fuel, cooking gas

He indicated that the council has asserted the importance of achieving safety for volunteers, benefiting from the security forces in this regard, as well as taking more strict measures to control the traffic permissions during the ban period

He noted that the Council of Ministers reaffirmed the importance of field work to address problems, raising the community awareness of the dangers of the pandemic, the refutation of rumors, and the implementation of measures that enable doctors and health personnel to receive fuel and services

The Council of Ministers has praised the efforts of volunteers and resistance committees in providing services to citizens, and their role in distributing bread, gas and other commodities

The Minister of Culture and Information, the government’s spokesman added that the council of ministers discussed the proposed amendments to the law of dismantling of the 30 th of June regime in order to presented with the other bills in the joint meeting between the Sovereign Council and the Council of Ministers due to be held tomorrow, Wednesday