PM visits Coron Platform Confrontation headquarter


PM visits Coron Platform Confrontation headquarter

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk, said that the Sudanese Platform for the Confrontation of Corona Virus Pandemic expresses a concerted public and official efforts to confront the catastrophe that necessitated the call (Naveer) to confront it, affirming the people’s ability to overcome the ordeal and its effects.

During his visit today to inspect efforts of the platform in its headquarter at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum, Dr. Hamadok called for continuation of work and the mobilization of energies, pledging to support the platform, praising the efforts of the white army, of the sons and daughters of the Sudan, who is considered the first defence line, and appreciating their self-sacrifices to help others.

He noted that the emergence of numerous cases of coronavirus means that the spread of the pandemic has reached dangerous stages, calling for strict application of the directives of the Ministry of Health in regard to the issue of the ban and closure as the only way to confront the pandemic.

The PM has pointed to the suffering of other peoples overwhelmed by the pandemic despite their huge potentials compared to Sudan, adding that prevention measures adopted by the state, combined with concerted efforts, will enable the Sudanese people to surpass the ordeal