Council of Ministers Announcement


Council of Ministers Announcement

The mini Council of Ministers discussed in the emergency meeting held today, the recommendations of the Supreme Coordination Committee for combating the Corona epidemic, and accordingly the council issued the following decisions:

1- Giving directive for the security authorities to support o the Ministry of Health to implement the quarantine procedures in the isolation and quartering centers to isolate and examine those in contacts and who refuse to submit to quarantine procedures.

2- Benefiting from the military hospitals in the center and the states as centers for shelter and providing treatment services.

3- Closing of kindergartens, Sudanese and foreign schools, Quran schools (khalawi), religious institutes at all levels for a month, and stopping of festivals, camps and remedial classes.

4- The postponement of the basic exams in the states where the exams were not held, for a date to be determined later.

5- The Sudanese certificate exam will be on time unless another decision is issued.

6- the closing of all universities, colleges, the government, private and foreign higher institutes  for a month.

7- Take additional health measures and controls in prisons and reformatory centers.

8- Ministries and governmental and private units should take measures to reduce crowd in the workplace.

9- Preventing public gatherings in weddings, condolences and public events.

10- Tightening control over public markets, the control over prices of food supplies and medical and non-medical supplies.

11- The evacuation of Sudanese citizens stranded in the crossings with the Arab Republic of Egypt through the Argin crossing, the establishment of a temporary shelter camp, and conduction of medical examination by an integrated medical team.