Cabinet minister issues a decree aliens from eight states barred from Sudan


Cabinet minister issues a decree aliens from eight states barred from Sudan

Sudan on Thursday suspended issuing visas for citizens hailing from countries devastated by the Coronavirus, while at the same time telling its citizens to avoid travelling to those countries save for force-majeure.


The decision issued by the Minister for the Cabinet Affairs, Ambassador Omar Manis, listed those states devastated by the virus according to the list of the World Health Organization as including each of Korea, China, Italy, Iran, France, Spain, Japan and the Arab Republic of Egypt.


The decision said concerned authorities should take action to prevent entry or issuance of visa for the aliens coming from those coronavirus devastated countries whose citizens started catching disease spreading within their local communities.


The decision has also flights to those eight countries be suspended and that the four crossing points between the Sudan and Egypt be closed down until further notice.


It also said officials working with state protocol should ensure that these measures are strictly applied in VIP Halls and the presidential Halls in Khartoum


The cabinet minister also said in his decision that all Sudanese exit points and entry areas be equipped with the required tools and means to help preparedness and prompt response to the versus by putting in place integrated efforts that include the higher technical committee, the state government and the borderline security units.


It said medical and army medical corps services collaboration would be tightened and c amps be prepared as well as suitable facilities to be converted into hosting wards in strategic location to cover all geographical areas


The ministry of finance and economic planning should, the decision stipulated, provide the funding for a national plan to combat the coronavirus and that a four party meeting involving THE World Bank, the IMFG, Ministry of finance be held to set plans for securing the needed funding


The decision also advised people to avoid over congested areas when inside the country


It also called on all the concerned ministries particularly those of culture and information to lead a concerted campaign for dissemination of information on the hazard and peril involving the coronaries plague


It also said the ministries of Health, Foreign Affairs, Finance and Economic Planning, Culture and Information, Interior, Defense, Federal Chamber