Council of Ministers reviews outcome of investigation in February incidents


Council of Ministers reviews outcome of investigation in February incidents

douk, the report on the incidents of February 20, which was prepared by a committee headed by the Attorney General.
Minister of Culture and Information, the government’s official spokesman, Faisal Mohamed Salih, stated in press statements that the committee has been preparing this report after hearing a large number of witnesses, including police leaderships and police officers who were deployed on that day alongside eyewitnesses of citizens and persons injured in the incidents.

He pointed out that the report referred to excessive use of force by the police, in addition to the fact that the behavior of some police personnel was not disciplined, and this was reached through witness testimony and the number and type of injuries.

Faisal said that the report contained a number of important recommendations, the most prominent of which is the need to investigate and hold accountable the undisciplined personnel of the police and work to train police on human rights curricula and to introduce them at all levels of police training to raise the awareness of these personnel on the public rights and freedoms that are guaranteed to the citizen under the Constitutional Document and the international laws.

The committee recommended amending provisions in the Sudanese Criminal Procedure Law and Criminal Law so that they are in line with the Constitutional Document and international standards that guarantee the right to demonstrate and peaceful assembly.

The Committee also recommended the necessity of emphasizing the culture of legitimacy of processions and demonstrations so that it becomes a public culture for all, including government, security and police agencies, and called for the need to balance the imperatives of maintaining security and preserving public rights and freedoms. It affirmed the police’s right of legal defense in case of danger in accordance with legal procedures, taking into account international standards followed in this regard.

The committee also called for holding an expanded dialogue and reaching understandings with the political forces, civil society organizations, resistance committees and other forces on the organizational measures required to stage processions and demonstrations.