Council of Ministers Directs Good Arrangements for German President’s Visit


Council of Ministers Directs Good Arrangements for German President’s Visit

The  Council of Ministers, in  regular  meeting  which was chaired by  the Prime  Minister Dr Abdallah Hamdouk Tuesday, listened  to a briefing  from  Dr Hamdouk on his  recent visit  to Germany.

 The Council  commended  outcome of  the visit  and  directed  focusing  on cooperation  with Germany  and good arrangements  for visit of  the President of Germany to Sudan within the  coming week.

 The  Council  of Ministers  heard  to first  axe of the  visit  concerning  relations between Sudan and Germany  during  which  the Prime Minister  held a meeting with  the Germany Chancellor  Angela Merkel  centered on bilateral relations and coinciding with the German Parliament’s decision  on cancelling  sanctions being imposed on Sudan.

 Dr Hamdouk said this step would open horizons of cooperation   between Sudan and Germany , particularly in  areas of development in energy, agriculture , education and  technologies.

 Minister of Culture and Information and Government Spokesman Faisal Mohamed Salih said in press statements  that  the visit’s second axe  represented in  Sudan participation in  the 55th Munich Security Conference  which availed  opportunities for the Prime Minister to  hold a series  of meetings  with  foreign ministers  of US, Russia, Finland  and The Netherlands besides  a number  of Prime Ministers of  European and Arab countries.

The Minister  said the visit was  successful and opened  horizons  in scopes of  cooperation  with  a number of countries  and  that  the visit was welcomed  by the German side and international media.

 He  disclosed  that the visit also availed opportunity  to meet  the Sudanese   communities  in Berlin and Munich where views  over a host of issues  and problems of  Sudanese communities were exchanged and that   making  practical arrangements  for  addressing   problems facing  the Sudanese communities  were reaffirmed.