Hamdouk: Economic Challenge Will not Stall March for Change


Hamdouk: Economic Challenge Will not Stall March for Change

Prime Minister Dr Abdallah  Hamdouk has  lauded  interaction of the Sudanese communities abroad  with issues of the  country  and the role played  by  the Sudanese nationals abroad in victory of the glorious December revolution , stressing that  challenges would not  impede progress of  march.

 Dr Hamdouk, who was speaking to  Sudanese community  in German capital, Berlin, Friday,  said the transitional  government  has  inherited  heavy inheritances  from the defunct regime , saying with solidarity of all sectors  of  the Sudanese people  including  the Sudanese nationals abroad we could surpass  this stage and constitute  for deepened  democracy  and a powerful  country.

 The Prime Minister said the transitional government’s top priority  is to achieve inclusive and sustainable peace ending  the war and putting and to  sufferings   of  those who are living in  camps of displacement and refuge, disclosing  that  he ongoing Juba peace  process  is progress well  and incase  it continues  in  this manner it would lead to achievement of peace  in short period .

 He added  that  the transitional government si exerting its utmost efforts  to overcome  the economic challenge and  high cost of living , calling the Sudanese nationals abroad  to employ their  potentialities  and experiences  in overcoming  challenges of the stage  and pushing the development efforts  in the country.

A number  of members of  the Sudanese community in Berlin , for their part,   forwarded  proposals  and solutions  to issue of  financial transfers  of the Sudanese abroad  to contribute to provision of hard currency  and  support of national  economy.