Hamdouk Receives Memo of Coordinative Groups of Resistance Committees


Hamdouk Receives Memo of Coordinative Groups of Resistance Committees

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, Tuesday received a memo of demands from the coordinative  resistance committees of Khartoum State, in the presence of the Cabinet Affairs Minister, ambassador Omer Bashir Manis, and the Federal Government Minister, Dr. Yousif Al-Dhai.

The memorandum was delivered to the Prime Minister through a large rally, which was staged by the coordinative resistance committees in Khartoum to demand correcting the path of the revolution and the commitment to the constitutional document.

 The memorandum stressed the importance of completing the structures of the civil government and giving utmost concern to the issue of the martyrs of the Glorious December Revolution, listening to their families and considering their views and demands as the original stake-holders. In addition to speeding up the solution for the severe living conditions crisis and putting an end to the smuggling of strategic goods through clear plans and mechanisms.

The memorandum also included the necessity of achieving a just and comprehensive peace by addressing the root causes of the problem, involving all armed struggle movements and real stakeholders in the peace negotiations in Juba, working to complete transitional power structures, appointing civilian (Walis) governors, and expediting the reform of state institutions by removing the empowerment at the institutions, particularly the judicial and legal institutions and the Public Prosecution, implementing the goal of the revolution of justice, the necessity of reforming the state’s bodies in a way that reflects their independence, nationalism, and the fair distribution of opportunities in them without prejudice to the conditions of eligibility and competence.

The memo stressed the need to give concern to the issue of missing persons and speeding up the formation of the Legislative Assembly in the framework of implementing the constitutional document.
The coordinative resistance committees have renewed their pledge to the Sudanese people to guard the December Revolution against anyone who wants to kidnap it or to trade in.