Hamdouk Receives SPA Memo


Hamdouk Receives SPA Memo

Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk received, Thursday, a mwemorandum from the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA)on the completion of the structure of the Transitional Authority, affirming the necessity for the unity of the revolution forces with all its components to overcome the challenges of the transitional period.

The SPA Representative, Ismail Al-Tajoutlined that the memo included the revolutionaries urgent demands, top of which, the completion of the structures of the transitional authority by speeding up the appointment of the civil Covernors and their governments, the formation of the Legislative Council, in addition to the issues related to the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank.

Al-Taj has pointed out that the revolution is the revolution of the Sudanese peopleand the government is the government of the revolution, expressing the SPA support for the government until it overcomes all the obstacles.

He said the Prime Minister aassured all the demands included in the memo.