Council of Ministers Hears Briefing on PM Visit to Al-Genaina


Council of Ministers Hears Briefing on PM Visit to Al-Genaina

The  Council of Ministers , in  its regular meeting Wednesday  which was chaired  by Dr Abdallah Hamdok, listened  to a briefing about Al-Genaina incidents  presented  by pRime Minister  and a number of ministers  who accompanied  him  during his visit to Al-Genaina, West Darfur State

 Minister  of Culture and Information and the government  Spokesman  Faisal Mohamed Salih  said  in press statements  that  the delegation  which visited Al-Genaina city  was chaired by  Lieutenant General  Mohamed Hamdan Daglo  First  Vice-President of the Sovereign Council  and comprised  member of Sovereign Council  Hassan Sheikh Idris, Prime Minister Dr Abdallah Hamdok, Minister of Justice and the  Attorney –General , besides  numerous officials

He disclosed that  the delegation stayed several days in Al-Genaina city  and that indicates  to the country’s political leadership’s concern with settlement of  these  incidents  
The Minister added  that the  delegation held a series of meetings  with the stated government officials  and  native, societal and political leaders  and it issued prompt decisions ,first of which  was  dispatching security enforcements  from  the Armed Forces  and other regular forces  to Al-Genaina to contribute to making control over the situations

He further added  that  huge security forces were  deployed , disclosing that  the Prime Minister  has  lauded the  major role   carried out  by  the Armed Forces , Rapid Support Forces(RSF), police and General Intelligence Service(GIS) in keeping  security  and ensuring  safe environment  for organizations  to assist people  displaced  due to the recent incidents

The Minister  said  that a fact-finding committee was  set up by the attorney-general  and that the Committee has started work ,  explaining  that  all  have acknowledged that the traditional means  of settlement of  conflicts  through  intervention of state and paying  dias (blood money)  have become not  effective and that all the matter have been left for the fact-finding committee
He  stated that anyone involved   in  these incidents  would be questioned a nd he would receive  harsh punishment

The Minister  of Information  said that the disputed parties x pointed to  individuals affiliated to regular  forces  hailed  from  certain  tribes involved in  the incidents , pointing out that  those individuals  would be determined  and lift impunity  from them in order  to bring them to justice as will be done with  other citizens, saying “ This is the  method that will be adopted  in  resolution of such conflicts"

He said the Council of Ministers stressed importance of reactivation of  the National  Committee on  Arms Collection  so as to  collect   and prevent  proliferation of arms amidst  citizens

The Minister said the  problem erupted  in Al-Genaina  was  due  to politicization  of  tribes  which appears  in some states  of the  country , besides  proliferation of weapons and that aggravated  the crisis

The  Council of Ministers , the government  Spokesman said,  asked Allah-the All Mighty  for blessing  souls of  those who killed  in Al-Genaina incidents  and martyrs  of Antonio plane crash

The Council of Ministers  also  heard  a report  from the  ministerial delegation  that visited  Nyala, South Darfur State  to inspect  incidents  of looting the UNAMID super camp in the city, the Minister said, adding that an investigation  committee was formed  and that it  would submit its report soon