Manis renews State's keenness to realize Peace


Manis renews State's keenness to realize Peace

 The Acting Prime Minister, Ambassador, Omar Manis has renewed the Transitional Government keenness to realize a comprehensive and sustainable peace in all parts of the the country as the government’s top priority.

Mani s who chaired the meeting whichincludes the joint delegation of Sudan Liberation Forces and Sudan Liberation Movement (transitional Council), has outlined that the first visit of the Prime Ministerwas Al-Fasher , the capital of North Darfur State to deliver peace message through visiting Abu-Shouk abnd Zamzam displaced camps as the first high level official to the camps, stressing the necessity for trust building between all the component to establish comprehensive and lasting peace.

He affirmed the government’s concern over the humanitarian issue and provision of all facilities for the the local and foreign organization to extend humanitarian assistances to the armed-conflicts affected people

The join delegation members stressed the necessity for speeding up peace process to realize the tge goals of December Revolution.