Hamdouk Era of Manipulation in Religious Feelings in Sudan is Over


Hamdouk Era of Manipulation in Religious Feelings in Sudan is Over

The US Ambassador at Large for Religious Freedom, Ambassador Samuel Brown Buck
received the visiting Sudanese delegation to the United States, led by the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, in presence of the Special Envoy for Sudan, Ambassador Donald Booth  and discussed the developments in Sudan after the revolution and formation of the new government

At the meeting, Dr. Hamdouk stressed that Sudan is a country known for religious tolerance and coexistence among all citizens without discrimination, explaining that all the attempts by the former regime to divide citizens on the basis of belief and religion have failed

He said that the Sudanese people have defeated those who manipulate the religious feelings, indicating that the defunct regime has done that with the aim to empower itself and to prolong its rule period

 Meanwhile, the Minister of Justice, Nasr-Eddin Abdul-Bari, has reviewed the political developments in Sudan after the revolution, stating that there will be more amendments in the laws that will enable Sudan to its leading position among the countries that respect rights and abide by justice

He said that Sudan government is seriously working to enhance the image of Sudan, which was distorted by the defunct regime, through adoption of policies that respect the diversity in the country

Ambassador Samuel Brown welcomed the Sudanese delegation and expressed his happiness over the progress witnessed by Sudan and promised to provide all possible support to the new government, especially in international forums, especially the Human Rights Council and mechanisms devoted to issues of freedoms, especially religious freedoms