Statement by the transitional Cabinet


Statement by the transitional Cabinet

Twenty three people were killed and over a hundred and thirty others have sustained injuries, some of them seriously, when fire broke and engulfed workers at a ceramic factory in Khartoum on Tuesday, while a tanker was offloading combustible gas inside the establishment

The Council of Ministers in a statement on Tuesday, described the incident as a result of a huge fire that broke at Salome Ceramic Factory in Khartoum North suburb, a few kilometers from down town Khartoum, the national capital

The statement said the injured have been rushed to at least five hospitals nearby while the Ministry of Health has mobilized all its resources to meet the emergency situation, appealing to people for blood donation to meet the increasing need of blood transfusion

It pinpointed that senior officials, including the Minister of Industry and the Governor of Khartoum State, have rushed to the scene to help coordinate efforts and stand by the afflicted person

The incident occurred as a result of an explosion while a gas tanker was offloading inside the factory in underground tanks and due to lack of adequate storage procedures the charge went off, the statement related
It said the whole factory was gutted in the fire

The Council of Ministers sent it condolences to the families; kin and friends of those killed in the incident and wished quick recovery for those injured, the statement said

It also said a probe is launched to ascertain the nonoccurrence of similar regrettable incidents in the future