Minister of Cabinet Affairs visits South Darfur State


Minister of Cabinet Affairs visits South Darfur State

Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Ambassador Omar Bashir Manis, reiterated the government's keenness to achieve peace throughout the country as one of the most important priorities of the transitional government. This came when he addressing on Wednesday, November 27, 2019 the festival of at Althuria village the locality of Almalm organization (Darfur for peace and development) at southern Darfur State in the frame work of the activities of his visit and the delegation accompanying him to the state

The Minister of Cabinet Affairs affirmed the government's endeavor to achieve the goals of the glorious December Revolution in freedom, peace, justice, development and providing services to citizens in all states, pointing out the importance of implementing the model of voluntary return projects in the village of Turia in all Darfur to promote peace in the region. He called for the cooperation of all to recover from the effects of the war sparked by the former regime; the minister praised the efforts of Almalam Darfur for peace and development in the great urban development in the village of Turba

For her part the Minister of Youth and Sports Walaa Al-Boushi Addressing the celebration, said that Darfurian women represent active women in the issues of their society, pointing to the importance of continuing the spirit of revolution in youth to build a new Sudan that respects diversity and difference

The Governor of South Darfur State, Major General Hashim Khalid, called for renunciation ofregionalism and detribalization, calling on armed struggle movements to return after the end of the reasons for carrying weapons to the fall of the regime, also he stressed his government's endeavor to make the experience of voluntary return a success in Turba village in all localities and villages of the state

Mr. Luqman Ahmed, President of Malam Darfur for Peace and Development, announced that next year's speech will be in the village of Gao, east of the mountain. It is worth mentionied that Al-Malam organization used to celebrate in one of the villages where development projects are held On the other hand, the Minister of Cabinet Affairs chaired at Nyala Airport the meeting of the Government of South Darfur State, which discussed services to the citizens of the state with a focus on health services

The Governor of the State and members of his government received and bid farewell to the Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the Minister of Youth and Sports, who accompanied him during his visit to South Darfur State