Council of Ministers Briefed on Juba’s Negotiations


Council of Ministers Briefed on Juba’s Negotiations

The Council of Ministers heard in its regular meeting  Wednesday, which was chaired by the Prime Minister, Dr Abdalla Hamdok, a briefing on the ongoing negotiations in Juba between the government and the People’s Movement – North from on the one hand, and between the government and the Revolutionary Front on the other hand.

The Minister of Culture and Information, Faisal Mohamed Salih, said in a press statement that agreement on formation of a higher council for peace was reached before commencement of talks despite the fact that this issue was not stipulated in the Constitutional Document.

The Minister indicated that there would be four axes for discussions which are the security arrangements, economic development,  laws and policy and governance.

He necessity  was reaffirmed on including refugees and displaced people at camps in the negotiation process as they are actually much affected by the war, indicating that a mechanism would be set up for engagement of this segment along with the civil society organizations and women in all  phases of the negotiations.