Cabinet Hears to briefing on Hamadouk’s Visit to Ethiopia


Cabinet Hears to briefing on Hamadouk’s Visit to Ethiopia

The Council of Ministers Chaired by the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamadouk, on Wednesday, briefed on his recent visit to Ethiopia during which he discussed the bilateral relations, the spheres of joint cooperation, besides, the situations in the region, specially, IGAD area.

The Government Spokesman and the Minister of Cyulture and Information, Faisal Mohammad Saleh said in press statement following the meeting that it was agreed during the visit to withdraw the candidate of Ethiopia for the post of Vice-President of the International Organization for Migration for the benefit of Sudan, indicating that this step makes the Sudanese candidate more likely to win the post.

He outlined that the visit affirmed the reactivation of the poqwer exchange between Sudan and Ethiopia where Sudan will be provided with 300 Megawatt of electricity, a matter that, reguested some engineering and technical arrangements.

He said the two sides agreed to establish a Sudanese-Ethiopian Pipeline Company.