Council of ministries issues packages of directives


Council of ministries issues packages of directives

Council of ministers gave directives in its Periodical Meeting Wednesday headed by prime minster Dr. Abd Allah Hamdok that usage of mercury and cyanide substance had to be stopped immediately in mining operations.

The council also ordered amendment of the agreement with companies working in the field of mining.

The council said that a proportion from companies earning profit had to be allocated to develop the local communities besides establishing development fund at mining areas.  

This came during the council of ministers’ review over incidents erupted recently at Taludi town in South Kordofan.

The Minister of culture and Information Faisal Mohamed Salih explained in press statement that all available information assured no death casualties. However, he said there were injuries and wounded cases.

Meanwhile the minister admitted   that   the government was responsible from slowing down dealing with the issue.

He said  opulation sit in extended for long period in the area without intervention from the authorities.

The minister announced that the council of ministers had stopped the work of