Sudan adopts the Universal Political Declaration on Universal Health Coverage


Sudan adopts the Universal Political Declaration on Universal Health Coverage

Sudan announced its adoption of the Universal Political Declaration on Universal Health Coverage and then strives to take advantage of international cooperation opportunities and modern technologies and absorb local, regional and international variables to provide adequate and quality health services distributed fairly and meet the wishes and aspirations of citizens, noting that the meeting is an opportunity to build and strengthen the global consensus on coverage Comprehensive health

He pointed out that the meeting is a good opportunity, and pointed out that achieving justice and health development to reach universal health coverage requires review and rationalization of many policies and strategies of health work to become more effective and efficient and keep abreast of developments in the political, social, cultural and economic arenas

"Through universal health coverage, Sudan looks forward to strengthening the role of health in building just peace and protecting citizens from impoverished spending on access to health services. The focus will be on basic health care as it is the most comprehensive, widespread, least expe

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk, said in a statement to the UN health coverage meetings at the UN General Assembly in New York that with the change in the country that will lead to the desired democratic transformation, the chances of upgrading and developing health work have become greater to provide transparency, accountability and expansion. Partnerships at all levels
He stressed that Sudan will adopt a different approach to health management through which it affirms justice, good governance, tightening the order of priorities and filling all pretexts that lead to failures of all kinds.

Sudan, through its thanks and appreciation to the United Nations, the World Health Organization, UNICEF and all international and national partners for their efforts and contributions to the development of health in the country, and renewed the call to all partners and friendly and brotherly countries and donors to provide all