prime minister announces the ministers of the transitional government


prime minister announces the ministers of the transitional government

Prime Minister Dr. Abdallah Hamdouk announced today Thursday 5Th of September 2019 in the press conference according to the constitutional decree number (3) for 2019n the appointed Ministers of the transitional government as follows


Mr. Omer Basheer Minais Ministry of Cabinet Affairs

First lieutenant general Mr. Gamal El-Deen    Omer Ministry of Defense

 Lieutenant police Altrifi Idress Ministry of Interior

Dr. Nasr El-Deen Abd El-Bari Ministry of Justice

Mrs. Asmaa Mohammed Abd-Allah Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Ibrahem Ahmed El-Badawi Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning

Dr. Akram Ali El-Toum Ministry of Health

Dr. Mohammed El-Ameen El-Toum Ministry of Education

Mr. Madani Abbas Madani Ministry of Industry and Trade

Mr. Adil Ali Ibrahem Ministry of Energy and Mining

Dr. Yassir Abbas Mohammed Ali Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources

 Mr. Essa Osman Shareef Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Mrs. Leena El-Shaikh Mahjoub Ministry of Labor and Social Development

Dr. Entisar Sigairoun Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Mr. Faisal Mohammed Salih Ministry of Culture and Information

Dr. Yousif Adam El-Dai Ministry of Federal Government

Mr. Nasr El-Deen Mufarah Ministry of Religious Affairs and Endowments

Mrs. Wala Esam El-Boushi Ministry of Youth and Sports


The Prime Minister clarified that the Ministries of Infrastructure and Animal and fisheries Wealth will be consulted and announced in the coming days