Prime Minister bays a visits Jiyad Group for Engineering Industries


Prime Minister bays a visits Jiyad Group for Engineering Industries

Prime Minister Mutaz Mousi Abdullah has paid a visit on Wednesday, October 31, 2018, the headquarters of the Group of Engineering Industries, accompanied by the of Minister of the Council of Ministers, Mr. Ahmed Saad Omar and Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan  Mohamed Khair Elzobeir , State Minister at the Council of Ministers Mr. Tarek Haj Ali, State Minister at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning Mr. Mustafa Yousef Houli, and Dr. Omar Mohammed Saleh the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers.

The Prime Minister and his accompanying delegation toured the Jiyad Group Exhibition, which consist of  a number of national industries, top of which cars, buses, electrical equipment, electronic devices, medical equipment as well as agricultural and industrial machineries and equipments.

In a related development Prime Minister Moataz Mousi Abdullah held a meeting that brought together the Jiyad Group for Engineering Industries, during which he listened to a detailed report on the efforts  of the group's in the field of automobile industry in conformity with international standards.

The Prime Minister hailed the leading role of the Jiyad Group in the indigenizing national industry and pushing forward the national economy, stressing that the state is going ahead with the economic reform program.
The Prime Minister farther directed setting up a committee  to be chaired by the Minister of the Council of Ministers for changing  the constitutional post and Seiner executive officials motorcars by cars from Jiyad group.