Prime Minister chaired a meeting on drug abundance


Prime Minister chaired a meeting on drug abundance

Prime Minister Mutaz Moussa Abdullah affirmed the commitment of the State to provide free drugs for accidents and emergencies, children under five years of age, cancer, kidney and catheter drugs, heart catheters, blood bank consumables, hemophilia patients and care of pregnant women (150 million dollars, equivalent to 7 billion pounds) On Thursday, October 18, 2018, the Council of Ministers held its second meeting on Wafra Pharmaceutical, in the presence of a number of ministers and related parties which was headed by the prime minister him self.

The meeting reviewed a draft concept to enhance access to medicines provided by the National Fund for Medical Supplies, which included the continuation of the State's efforts to provide free medicines to specific groups and efforts to sustain the provision of medicines as well as the nationalization of the pharmaceutical industry in the country.

The Prime Minister has constantly addressed the prices of imported medicines by the National Fund for Medical Supplies at current prices without any change, which is equivalent to 46% of the private sector price and is unified in all governmental institutions in the states with branches of the Fund in 16 states.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister directed the country's needs for medicines for the coming year 2019 through an open bid for pharmaceutical companies in the private sector approved by the official register of the National Council for Drugs and Toxins in order to achieve transparency and justice for suppliers and provide the best options for citizens. And its sponsorship of the localization of the pharmaceutical industry, directed in this regard to develop a strategy with specific objectives and timetables, and to develop the necessary policies and turn them into an annual performance plan to achieve the desired goal, and stressed the need to regulate the pharmaceutical sector.