The Council of Ministers listens to the Nafir report of the rising of North Kordofan state


The Council of Ministers listens to the Nafir report of the rising of North Kordofan state

The Cabinet has held its meeting today  Sunday, October 7, 2018, at the state of North Kurdufan capital city of  El Obyed headed by Mr. Mutaz Musa Abdullah, the  Prime Minister.
Mutaz started the meeting by  greetings to generous  Kurdufan’s  people, stressing that the convening of the Council of Ministers meeting at the state has clear denotations as the state assured  that realizing achievements is possible.

His honor  Ahmad Mohammed Haroun ,the governor of the state presented  a report on the Nafir  ( mobilization  of the  state of North Kordofan people ), whereby the Nafir started with  education to reduce the number of  schools  built by grass materials from 52% in 2013 down to 21% in 2017. During the said  period some  128 basic level and secondary  schools were constructed as well as   213 school units built
. Regarding health issues Al Daman hospital was constructed with a capacity of 200 beds comprising all specializations while Al Obeiyed Hospital was rehabilitated  to cope with the most advanced hospitals in the national capital along with executing the project of  mobile clinics,  establishment and rehabilitation of 128 health units in 8 localities,
 Towards  increasing the production of water in the city of El-Obeiyed , the upheaval  Nafir, resorted  to developing  underground sources by rehabilitating 16 wells and drilling  22 new wells in Bara basin and installation of 40 pumps with European specifications and  the construction of water purification plants.
The Nafir  upheaval included the construction and rehabilitation of El-Obeiyed  ancient  Mosque, Guest  Palace, Government Secretariat, Legislative Council, El-Obeiyed Central Park, Umm Ruwaba Stadium,  people’s  square  youths city
The sate has realized a considerable achievement  by constructing  El Obeiyed- Barra- Omdurman highway , which is nearing completion, as well as the execution  of many internal roads.

Meanwhile Professor Hassan Osman Abdel Nour presented a report on the project for the rehabilitating  of the Gum Arabic  belt project  outlining  that the overall goal is to rehabilitate  the ecological system of the Gum Arabic belt whose  sub-objectives are to alleviate poverty by planting 7 million acres  in the acacia  trees by seedlings or seeds from selected mothers  Pointing out that the most important elements of the success of this project is the cumulative experience of the Sudanese nationals working in this field.
The project execution is to  start in  year 2019 with funding by the state government and a supporting  international funding to boost Sudan's share of the  international production, which currently amounts to  80%.

The honorable cabinet further  listened to a study on the transition from the traditional crop markets to the crop  bourses  system presented  by the Ethiopian expert consultant , Solomon Odessa, which assists  the small-scale  producer  with  marketing  his  products at good prices without taking it to the market rather the sales and purchasing  operations  take place  electronically in the bourse  confirming the economic feasibility of the project maximizing the opportunities of its success in Sudan , as well as providing comprehensive basic  information on the volume of sales, a matter that avails to  decision takers  a solid base of assisting  information and facilitating the procedures for taxes and Zakat levy from a single location.
The bourse  contributes directly to rural development and creating  employment opportunities ,  a matter that contributes to mitigating  unemployment  severity and the development of capabilities in electronic technology.
The Cabinet  announced  its full satisfaction with the outcomes  of the renaissance of North Kurdufan State nafeer (mobilization ) and affirmed its support for the state's efforts to implement the second phase of nafeer , which is the  stage of sustainable and comprehensive development which  is consistent with the objectives of the new national government.