Cabinet Briefed on Performance & Achievement of Gezira State


Cabinet Briefed on Performance & Achievement of Gezira State

The cabinet has paid a visit to Gezira State today Sunday 30 September /2018 starting with a visit to the Agricultural Authority and acquainted with immense applied science made by the Authority whose age has exceeded 100 years

The cabinet promised to address the obstacles facing the Authority so that it may become a train that assists in raising productivity and improving quality

The cabinets has also visited the national and foreign ginning factories and got acquainted with their high technological capabilities  and their contribution increasing the country return from foreign currency

The cabinet concluded the visit by visiting grains preparation plant where it was acquainted with the up to date technology used in sorting out grains and producing high quality grains at a planting standard of 95% as the highest standards realized in the world.

The cabinet urged the farmers to use the improved seeds for increasing production and productivity

The cabinet was briefed by a report  on the achievements of Gezira state , its government and community  

The report was presented by Gezira State governor Mohamed Tahie Eila reviewing Gezira Scheme production of different crops from cotton , wheat , fodders and vegetables whereby the state is endowed with a comparative advantage for producing many products

He noted that 3348 projects have been electrified while ten new ginning factories established was authorized and they will start this year , many factories were inaugurated during the past period for producing oils , marbles and cars batteries.

The report included many models of schools constructed by fixed building materials for improving educational environment as well as many treatment institutions

Many internal  roads were paved in Wad Medani city  and in the different localities , stadium and youths care institutions