The council of ministers to listen to the report of the Minister of the Interior about the preparations for the fall of 2017.

Listening to the report of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs on the US administration's decision

The minister of Council of Ministers confirms the importance of the role of friendship in strengthening the relationship with indigenous peoples

Minister in the presidency of the council of ministers to redouble efforts to facilitate the return of Sudanese living in an irregular manner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The minister of state in the cabinet meets with the President of the Sudanese Red Crescent Society

The minister of state in the cabinet meets with the Board of Trustees of the specialized councils

The joint meeting of the social and cultural development and its technical review of the regulation of the work of the ministerial sectors for the year 2017.

The cabinet minister renews the interest of the state of the activation of the national accreditation bodies to upgrade the quality of goods and services