The technical committee for governance and administration to discuss the report of the performance of the Ministry of Defense in the first half of 2017 and the protocol to combat the manufacture of firearms

The Minister of State, headed by the prime minister assured the functioning of the Office of Justice

Prime Minister of the presidency of the Security Council commended the efforts of the International Organization for Migration to help Sudan

The first deputy of the President of the Republic, the prime minister informed of the plan of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation and electricity for the next phase

The Minister of State, headed by the prime minister heads the periodic meeting of the Council of coordination of information

The technical committee of the social and cultural development sector and discuss a memorandum of understanding in the area of Guidance and Endowment between Sudan and the State of Palestine

The President of the Council of Ministers issued a decision to raise the pension age to (65) years, all employees of state-owned corporations and governmental organizations

Minister of the Council of Ministers underlines the importance of promoting a culture of quality and standardization in the media